Our Vision is to continue serving our clients by creating a legacy of long-lasting,  high-quality infrastructure while simultaneously developing a foundation for our future industry leaders to build upon.

Each project we build will exhibit our core values of:

Safety- “Above All”
Our goal is to create a safe environment for all of our employee’s, the community’s we work in and the Industry in general. We accomplish this by aggressively training, monitoring and tracking our results. This is our #1 Core Value for a good reason.

High Quality Standards- “No Less”
We strive to build every project right, the first time. Everyone on our “TEAM” understands that every action we take creates the success we will be measured by in the future. We will not settle for anything less.

Integrity- “Always”
When we make a commitment, we will exhaust every resource we have to fulfill that promise. We will be honest, forthright and beyond reproach in all our business relationships. Our reputation is all we have and something we always maintain.

Accountability- “To each other”
Beyond our contractual agreements, we want every client, vendor and employee to embrace the concept of “partnering” with us, on every project. To create a mutually successful project, we feel this is essential. The only way we can create that success is to be accountable to each other in every way. When we can accomplish this, it will be obvious that Legacy Water Group will be your choice, for any  future projects you may have.